Our Vision

In the highly segmented hotel market that exists to day, a company must know its position to successfully distinguish itself from a wide array of competitors. And, it must have a clear, focused vision of its future.

At Sunrise Hospitality, we know our position in the hospitality industry. With a portfolio consisting of a couple of dozen hotels and revenues, we are a significant player in the lodging industry.

Our hotel products include full-service, all-suite, extended stay and limited service operations. Property locations range from highways, airport, and suburban locations. Each hotel is strategically located with the ideal product and the perfect hotel brand for its particular market. While mid-priced, full-service hotels will always be the heart of the business, we know what our guests want and offer the products and services they desire. And we deliver tremendous value to our guests.

As a family owned company, our values, our personal relationships and our solid track record of success will enable us to continue to grow and develop the company. We will do this with steady, planned growth and by taking advantage of strategic opportunities.

We will continue to flourish during any economic conditions, as we have for nearly 30 years. By continuing to stay in touch with our customers, emphasizing service and effectively managing our business, we will continue to attain our goals.

The Company engages in a continuing search for new and profitable opportunities for investment, development and service.