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Knowland Expands Service to Australia

The Knowland Group, a leading provider of business development solutions for the hospitality industry, announced today the beginning of a new international market in Australia. Sydney is one of many new cities across the globe in which hoteliers now have the opportunity to use Readers, the world’s most respected hotel reader board service.

Readers brings in-depth, customized field research directly to hotel sales teams. Every week Knowland sends out more than 400 field researchers into over 2,000 hotels worldwide to take digital photos of their reader boards. This information on group meeting activity is recorded into the database nightly and made available online to clients the very next day. Knowland is constantly adding new groups and verifying information on the over 400,000 existing groups.

“We are very excited to begin offering Knowland’s business development solutions to hotel sales teams in Sydney,” said Knowland CEO Michael K. McKean. “With Readers, Australian hoteliers will be able to find and pursue valuable group business easier and more quickly than ever before.”

The Readers online application uses a tab-centric design to give clients quick and easy access to all the tools and information they need from one central page. Crucial contact information for meeting planners is included in every group’s profile. A search feature makes finding and assigning key accounts a simple process.

Knowland currently serves clients in over 20 international markets including London, Berlin, Beijing, Moscow, and Dublin. Service in Sydney began on February 1, 2012.

About The Knowland Group 

The Knowland Group is a proven innovator, developing intuitive marketing products and services that streamline and support event and group sales in the hospitality industry. The company, headquartered in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, serves more than 3,000 hotel clients and 25,000 users globally. Knowland was ranked as the 76th fastest growing software company (public or private) in North America by Deloitte in 2011 and the second fastest growing private company in the travel industry for both 2009 and 2010 by Inc. Magazine. For more information, visit, call 410-860-2270, or follow us on Twitter @knowlandgroup.